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WiFi 6 antenna – the rapidest antenna Wieosn provided

WiFi 6 antenna – the rapidest antenna Wieosn provided

The world's top three motherboard brands use the WiFi 6 (802.11ax) antenna from Wieson for the latest generation product. WiFi 6 (802.11ax) can support both 2.5G/5 GHz bands and down. Support for 802.11a/b/g/n/ac.

Minimalist antenna design, with a movable black base, users can easily put the antenna anywhere without space limited.

Wieson technology provides you any type any kinds of antennas!



Item  Operating Frequency(GHz)
Operating Frequency(GHz)
Bandwidth 100 MHz (Min.) 700MHz (Min.)
Return Loss -10 dB (Max) -10 dB (Max)
Polarization Linear Linear
Azimuth Bandwidth Omni-directional Omni-directional
Peak Gain 2.1dBi (Max) 3.56dBi (Max)
Impedance 50Ω 50Ω
Material PCB PCB
Maximum Power 1W 1W
V.S.W.R 2 : 1 2 : 1
Radiation Omni directional Omni directional
Efficiency >50% >60%
Connector SMA SMA
Cable type RG-174 RG-174
Operating Temperature -10~60℃ -10~60℃
Storage temp -10~70℃ -10~70℃
Cable loss(1M) 2dB 3.5dB


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