Company Overviw

High Precision Press Capability 

(1) Hardware Mould 3D Design (3D Simulated Forming)

(2) Precision Slow-Walking Wire Processing (Machining Accuracy up to 2U)

(3) Precision Hardware Mould (Stamping Material Thickness 0.1mm~1.6mm)

(4) High Speed Stamping Workshop (11 Precision High Speed Punches) High Speed Punches


(5) Large Tonnage Stamping Workshop (6 Large-Tonnage Low-Speed Punches)

(6) High Speed Presses (Speed up to 1300 Times Per Minute)

(7) Fully Automatic CCD Measurement Size (Full-Scale Measurement)

(8) High Definition Trinocular Microscope (Magnification up to 45 Times)


(9) Hardware Mould Warehouse (More than 400 Sets of Hardware Moulds)








High Precision Plastic Injection Capability

(1) CNC grinding machines

(2) CNC electric discharge Machines roughness concentration0.1RA

(3) Central Feeding System

(4) Injection Line


(5) Auto Insert Molding Line

(6) High-speed Auto Injection Line

(7) Injection Molding Machine

(8) High-speed Injector (FANUC)


(9) MOLD monitoring protector

(10) Dimesion and Visual Inspector

(11) Injection products pitch 0.4mm MIN / products thiness 0.15mm MIN




Wire and Cable Manufacturing Capability

(1) Raw material of Copper wire/ Plastic

(2) Core wire extrusion

(3) Inspection 

(4) Twist bunching


(5) Stranding

(6) Inspection

(7) Braiding(W/ Braid)

(8) Jacket Injection


(9) Inspection

(10) Packaging

(11) Inspection

(12) Warehousing


Automation Technology Capability of Interconnect components

(1) Auto Terminal Insertion Technology

(2) Auto Shell Assembly Technology

(3) Auto CCD Inspection Technology

(4) Auto Mylar Pasting Technology

(5) Auto Packaging Technology 

(6) Auto Mess Production Technology

(7) Auto Robot Production Technology




SMT Automatic Process Line

WIESON Automotive Electronics SMT line is built in a ESD protection workshop with the temperature and humidity controlled. And established a completely automatic production from PCB feeding, 2D code marking for traceability, solder paste printing, AOI inspection, ICT and FCT testing, to final step of product robot packing. 
SMT production line is under real time supervising and monitoring by using WMS and MES software connect to cloud system for material and process data tracking and error proofing. Quality and efficiency are in full compliance with customer requirement.



MES System & Manufacturing Management

Simulation of Production Behavior in Manufacturing Site


.MES, ERP and SMT data exchange
.In manufacturing process, operator/operating/product/equipment and plan can be visualized.
.Recording product, material and manufacturing process data, traceability and tracking can be performed to achieve traceability of the production process.
.Manufacturing process data can make reports.
.Auto recording manufacturing data.


Electronic Assembly Production Technology Ability

(1) SMT Automatic Production Line
min. production size: 50x50mm,max.: 350x400mm

(2) Fully Automatic Printing Machine (HLM400)
Resolution of engraving(repeatability) : 2μm(±0.02mm)

(3) Fully Automatic Printing Machine(ICON8)
Accuracy : 15μm

(4) Auto Solder Paste Thickness Machine(K8030-2)
Highly repetitive: ±2%


(5) Automatic Placement Machine(XPF - L) 
Object components: 0402 ~ 45mm x 45mm

(6) Automatic AOI Test Machine(S500) 
Camera resolution: 15um

(7) Lead-Free Nitrogen Reflow Soldering (JTR-1200)
Temp. control precision: ±1.0℃, can satisfy the patch, plug-in, spraying, etc

(8) Automatic ICT Test Machine(TR5001E) 
Programmable test frequency : 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz, 1MHzH


(9) Automatic FCT Has Grown Test Machine 
Sampling bandwidth: 1GHZ(MHz)

(10) Automatic Coating Machine 
min. production size: 50x50mm, max.: 350x400mm

(11) A Spectrum Analyzer (9KHZ-3GHZ)

(12) Network Analyzer (30KHZ-3GHZ)